Boxing In Denver

The best way to stay healthy is to watch your diet and exercise! Muscles in your body are there for a reason, and simply put they become weak and deteriorate if not utilized. You can jog or lift weights everyday but still not provide your body with a complete muscle workout. Boxers are one of the most complete athletes when it comes to body conditioning.

In addition to training professional and amateur boxers, The Denver Boxing Academy & Fitness Center now offers a non-contact routine that will have you in the best shape of your life! Denver Boxing Academy and the Colorado Athletic Club Downtown are joining forces again to bring you a non-contact boxing class that is REAL boxing. You will learn the art of boxing as our Professional and Amateurs do only without the contact.

Once you have an understanding of how to correctly throw your punches, you will start to condition your body in boxing related training exercises and you will learn how to properly hit a heavy bag. By the time the course ends, you will effectively be training in the same manner as our professional and amateur boxers. You will leave the class with a strong foundation and knowledge in boxing.

Use the knowledge for a lifetime training regiment in keeping yourself strong and healthy, and for weight management. If you so desire to further your boxing skills and engage in boxing competition, you can do so knowing you have built a strong foundation and understanding of boxing combat.

Once you have learned the art of boxing you will realize how this new found method of exercising, not only will keep you healthy and fit but you will realize how effective it will become should you ever need to use your skills in a dangerous situation.

Train Fight Win
They offer kickboxing, grappling, and MMA classes for beginners as well as experienced fighters; weightlifting and conditioning sessions that accommodate any fitness level; and Kali, a Filipino tribal art known for its brutal efficacy. They encourage everyone to push themselves at an appropriate level,

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TITLE Boxing Club
TITLE Boxing Club is a fitness club that offers a combination of boxing and kickboxing classes. Each trainers individual style makes every class unique. You’ll be excited to come back for the strong community they’ve developed and a new experience in every class. TITLE Boxing Club offers you a way to strengthen your core faster than any other exercise class. If you are looking for a

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Since January of 1997, Delgado's Boxing & Martial Arts has developed a solid reputation in the martial arts community. Their spacious facility, just a skip from Coor's field, houses a variety of programs for adults and children at an affordable price. Each of their instructors are expert professionals, and

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