Kayaking & Canoeing In Denver

The dramatic vista of the Valhalla Range rising from shore on the other side of Slocan Lake provides an amazing backdrop for kayaking and canoeing near Denver. Sandy beaches with primitive camping facilities are located up and down the west side of the Slocan Lake, making it possible to paddle its entire length (approximately 30km/20mi) over a period of several days. Another option is river kayaking along the Slocan River.

You can head to Rosebery, near Denver, kayak or canoe across the lake to Wee Sandy, Nemo Creek, Evans Creek, or any of the nine available boat-access campsites along Slocan Lake. With Slocan City as a final destination, look for ancient pictographs along the shoreline and head ashore to explore hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and mountain lakes. Campsites are equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, tent pads, outhouses, and food caches. Be sure to store food safely as there is abundant wildlife in this area.

The Slocan River offers both gentle downstream floats and moderate whitewater kayaking or rafting. Start at Perry Siding, a five-minute drive north of Winlaw, and float down the river in a large inner tube, all the way to Crescent Valley. Typically, the water gets tolerably warm by mid-July. For an epic kayak trip, negotiate the entire length of the Slocan River from Slocan to Shoreacres. The best whitewater appears between Crescent Valley and the confluence of the Slocan and Kootenay rivers.

Travel is a journey of self-discovery and fun, let kayak agencies safety conscious, knowledgeable guides take care of the details. Whether it’s outdoor adventure travel with your company, a kayaking adventure on the Colorado River, or Avalanche training in the Rocky Mountains, they’ll make sure the itinerary is appropriate for your level of skill and physical fitness. That way, you and your family, colleagues or newly acquired “trail buddies” can concentrate on learning new skills and soaking in the scenery.

Denver Outdoor Adventure
Their mission is to provide family-oriented, educational, and environmentally friendly outdoor adventures that promote the splendor and preservation of Colorado wilderness. They offer stand up paddle boards, tubes, single kayaks, and tandem kayaks for rent. They also create adventure outings. As Denver's YOLO SUP retailer, they invite you to join them in experiencing their

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Confluence Kayaks
Confluence Kayaks is first and foremost Denver's Kayak Headquarters. Established in 1995 near the whitewater chutes at Confluence Park in Denver, Colorado. They have staked their reputation on being the finest kayak shop anywhere. Local paddlers know their excellent service and product selection and have made them their number one kayak resource. They offer whitewater, touring, recreational and inflatable kayaks with

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Renaissance Adventure Guides
Renaissance Adventure Guides is pleased to offer you customized trips. Activities may include: kayaking, canyoneering, 4-wheeling, surfing, zip lining, coffee plantation tours, pineapple tours, and much much more! Taking a trip, kayak classes or even Avalanche training with Renaissance Adventure Guides is more than just an outdoor adventure. If you're new to kayaking, check out our instruction page to learn the basics of the sport and see how Confluence Kayaks can help you get

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