My Childs Museum

They work to open doors for their future leaders, innovators, and adventurers to explore, create and learn on their own terms. Their target ages are newborn through eight years old, but everyone can have a good time at the Museum! Their exhibits are hands-on, interactive and a lot of fun. Last year they served more than 359,000 children and their grown-ups.

Since they first opened in a converted school bus in 1973, they have served the metro-Denver community as the learning institution for young children and their caregivers. In no time, their need for a more permanent location was evident and they leased a renovated building on Bannock Street. Within months, the museum was drawing record numbers of visitors, so they began planning for a larger facility. In 1984, they opened their new building in its present location along the west bank of the Platte River.

my childs museum

The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus is a member of the Association of Children’s Museums, a trade organization made up of more than 500 members. Children’s museums are one of the fastest-growing segments in United States educational/cultural institutions. Over the last decade, the number of children’s museums has grown by 100% annually, reaching 30 million children and their families. Children’s museums rank only second to zoos among museum-related attractions in their ability to attract ethnically and culturally diverse audiences, and address the developmental needs of young children. More

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