Places to Eat in Denver

Denver is a sunny town, a mile above sea level, and in close proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It’s also an active town, and in order to bike, climb, or take a drive this winter to your favorite skiing destination, you’ll need a little bit of fuel for your body’s engine. Lucky for the locals, Denver is filled with great coffee shops, all with unique blends, techniques and some of the best beans the world has to offer. So grab a cup and head out to our favorite coffee shops in the Colorado capital.

As befits a multiethnic crossroads, Denver lays out a dizzying range of eateries. Try Federal Street for cheap ethnic eats especially Mexican and Vietnamese and expect authentic takes on classic Italian, French, and Asian cuisines. Throughout Denver, menus at trendy restaurants focus on locally sourced, organic, and healthier options; Denver’s top chefs continue to gain the attention of national food magazines and win culinary competitions.

Denver knows bars. Its first permanent structure was a saloon.  By 1910, there were 450 saloons offering nickel beers and free lunches maybe there was such a thing as free lunch back then. While nickel beers are as extinct as the dinosaurs that once roamed Colorado, the pricier brews we quaff today are also more sophisticated, complex and tastier. 

After a night out drinking in Denver’s most important bars, the one thing you need most is… another night out drinking in Denver’s most important bars. Oh, and a cup of coffee. But you shouldn’t get it from just anywhere, not when the Mile High has so many sweet craft coffee slingers.

Maybe it’s the cured meats, the aged cheeses or the marinated vegetables, but there is something about Italian delis that makes one smile when hunger strikes. Denver’s Italian delis offer more than just a good sandwich. There is usually a good story and a friendly smile to go with the sub. Never let your kitchen go without ample Italian staples with visits to these Denver-area Italian delis and markets.

Places to Eat in Denver


Cafe and Delis

Delis are the ideal spot for a quick lunch: An efficient crew assembles sandwiches, salads and sides for those who have only a few minutes to grab a meal, wrapping everything in butcher paper or plastic and handing over Read More…

Pubs and Bars

When you’re in Denver, thanks to the abundance of pubs you’ll discover throughout the city. These pubs offer cozy ambiance, friendly crowds, traditional music and authentic food and drink. Put on something Read More…


In the center of the country, Denver restaurants showcase the various influences of America’s regional cuisines, including Ted’s Montana Grill and authentic Louisiana cuisine at Gumbo’s. A world-class city with a Western Read More…

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